woman with chest pain

Physicians May Place Insufficient Emphasis on CV Disease in Women

Cardiovascular disease is a pervasive threat to women’s health. Although it kills more women than cancer, it often doesn’t receive the attention it should. Getting the care you need Regular care is a critical part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and working with your physician is an important part of lowering your risk of cardiovascular […]

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woman eating salad

If Your Liver Could Talk

Your liver is a crucial organ that removes toxins from your body. When working properly, it processes and eliminates substances that shouldn’t be in your body. But when it’s not working properly, it could lead to other health conditions. Certain habits need adjusting in order to protect it. Sleep at the Right Times Sleep is […]

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doctor with patient

Taking Care of Your Colonoscopy Fear

If the thought of undergoing a colonoscopy gives you anxiety, you’re not alone. Many Americans will avoid getting a colonoscopy solely out of fear. Excluding skin cancers, colon cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women in the US. Colonoscopies are necessary for detecting early stages of colon cancer and […]

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Woman checking heart rate

The Importance of an Echocardiogram During My Physical

Heart problems can occur at any age. An echocardiogram allows doctors to see how well the heart is functioning and whether there are problems. Here’s what you need to know: Heart Basics Your heart is a highly sophisticated pump that is driven by electrical activity. It consists of four chambers. Valves connect the chambers and […]

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man visiting doctor for back pain

What is Causing Your Back Pain?

Back pain is characterized as a severe or aching pain that occurs along your back. This can start after lifting an object, a quick or sudden movement, or engaging in physical activity. It is also possible for this pain to occur without being linked to a particular moment. Causes of Back Pain Once symptoms start, […]

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Female Doctor holding liver model

What is Hepatitis and How is It Treated?

Hepatitis is not a single disease, although the symptoms are usually similar no matter what the cause. It can be the result of an infection or damage caused by alcohol or toxins. In some cases, there is no treatment other than supportive therapy. What is Hepatitis? Hepatitis is essentially an inflammatory process in the liver. […]

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Food to avoid heart disease

Preventative Steps You Can Take to Avoid Heart Disease

Nearly 610,000 Americans die of heart disease every year. That’s one out every four deaths. According to the Centers for Disease Control, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women and claims more lives each year than cancer. Although some people are born with certain heart conditions that they treat throughout […]

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Man experiencing IBS in New York City

How Do I Know if I Have IBS?

Everyone has an upset stomach at one time or another. We are all familiar with the stomach rumblings that send us to the bathroom with diarrhea or the cramping that comes when we’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with us. While uncomfortable, these instances pass and we go about our daily lives and forget about […]

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Echocardiogram chart of a New York City patient.

Why Should I Get an Echocardiogram?

Not knowing can be the worst part of having a medical scare. Fortunately, today’s technology can quickly provide answers that help physicians determine the best course of action. Echocardiogram tests generate visual pictures of the heart by using ultrasounds, or echoes of high-frequency sound waves.  Physicians can now see the internal construction of the heart, and […]

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Doctor ready to perform colonoscopy

The Preventative Benefits of a Colonoscopy

Healthcare professionals recommend patients 50 years and older receive a colonoscopy. The procedure has very little risks and according to the Centers for Disease Control, a colonoscopy is an effective preventative tool against colon cancer. Make a Decision to Take the Test So, why do so many people avoid taking the test? A number of […]

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